Martha Hollander

Art History Resources

General art history resources

Chris Witcombe’s aggregate website: An excellent site overall
Dictionary of Art Historians, with bibliographies of their writings. Really helpful.
Arthistoricum, a great German site for research, with digital classic texts on art going back to ancient times; a research database; and images.
New report on Copyright, Museums, and Image Licensing The latest information regarding the licensing of images for print and online publication

Bloggers on art issues
Lee Rosenbaum’s award-winning arts blog
Tyler Green’s Modern Art Notes

Open Source Sites
Timeline of Art History
A timeline for the history of science Important for any serious student of art

Iconclass for iconography
Identifying Saints
Emblem Project

The Perseus Project Includes objects, and Greek and Roman texts in English translations.
The Ara Pacis Augustae A contextual site of this important Roman monument

Asian art
The Chinese Association of Museums
The Palace Museum, Beijing
The International Dunhuang Project The Silk Road, online.
The Freer Gallery, Washington DC

Art of First Nations
The Aboriginal Curatorial Collective

Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague Illuminated manuscripts with comprehensive bibliographies
Goettweig Monastery collection
Mapping Gothic France

Census for Renaissance art
Van Eyck’s Ghent Altarpiece In-depth details of the piece, plus X-ray and infrared photography and updates on its conservation.
Early Modern festivals 3-D digital reconstruction
Universal Leonardo
Leonardo, Last Supper
St. Peter’s Rome
Roma Caput Mundi Maps, images, artists and patrons
Raphael’s Drawings for the “School of Athens”
Piero della Francesca Fresco cycle of the True Cross, Arezzo. Interactive model

Rembrandt all the works, digitally reproduced.
The Rembrandt Database research material – texts, images and other research data – on paintings by Rembrandt or attributed to him, either now or in the past, from multiple institutions.
Vermeer and more on the Dutch Golden Age
Ceiling paintings of the Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors) at Versailles
General site for the restoration of the Galerie des Glaces.
 Virtual tour of the Wurzburg Residenz
A collection of 18th century art resources

19th century
Vincent van Gogh’s letters
James Whistler, correspondence and works:
William Blake

20th-21st century
The Musée Picasso, Paris
Avant-garde material visual, concrete and sound poetry, film and sound art.

Media Art
Database of Virtual Art
Media Art


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